Media Politics: A Citizen's Guide

Video Archives: Fourth Edition

The videos below correspond with the forthcoming edition of the book. For the previous archive, go to Video Archives: Third Edition.

Chapter 1

Ch 1.1: Image is Everything

Chapter 2

Ch 2.1: Americanization of British Party Election Broadcasts

Chapter 3

Ch 3.1: Policing Campaign Ads
Ch 3.2: Candidates' Own Voices in the News
Ch 3.3: Feeding Frenzies

Chapter 4

Ch 4.1: LBJ Announcement
Ch 4.2: Vietnam Coverage, 1968-1970
Ch 4.3: Reagan Speech on Grenada
Ch 4.4: Coverage of Operation Desert Storm
Ch 4.5: Coverage of the Iraq War

Chapter 5

Ch 5.1: Obama Race Speech (Introduction)

Chapter 6

Ch 6.1: Feeding Frenzy
Ch 6.2: McCain Announcement
Ch 6.3: Palin Interviews
Ch 6.4: Trump Attacks the Media
Ch 6.5: Introducing the Candidate
Ch 6.6: Image and Issue Appeals
Ch 6.7: Trump and Clinton Target the Middle Class
Ch 6.8: Illegal Immigration
Ch 6.9: Advertising on Owned Issues
Ch 6.10: Running As a Woman
Ch 6.11: Dividing by Race and Ethnicity
Ch. 6.12: 1994 Immigration Ads
Ch 6.13: Guilt By Association
Ch 6.14: Newsworthy Attacks
Ch 6.15: Third Party Attacks
Ch 6.16: Nixon JFK Debate
Ch 6.17: Debate Gaffes

Chapter 7

Ch 9.1: Ford/Carter Debate, 1976
Ch 9.2: Kennedy/Nixon Debate, 1960

Chapter 8

Ch 8.1: Experimental Manipulation of Advertising Tone
Ch 8.2: Episodic Versus Thematic Framing of Crime
Ch 8.3: Race Manipulation in Crime News Study

Chapter 9

Ch 9.1: Presidential Speechmaking as a Form of Damage Control
Ch 9.2: The 1991 Hill-Thomas Hearings
Ch 9.3: MLB Steriod Hearings

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